Friday, May 28, 2010

Art work

Thought I'd share some artwork from Miss S. Of course I'm biased because she's mine, but I think she produces some pretty amazing picture for being all of three and a half.

First one - Sofie and Mommy (we're cats, of course, because this is Sofie-world) with Phoenix (a real cat, who is different from a human cat in that "he doesn't have arms!").
Mommy pushes Sofie in the stroller. Note the flowers, snails, some kind of large bird of prey near my head, and I think some baby birds in the bottom corner:
And a family portrait. Brett is the one with the beard in the center, then me to the left of him, then Sofie. Are we wearing Devo hats? I don't know. Behind in the background is our house and a swingset. Birds are flying or threatening us, not sure, and two baby birds look on from a nest in the bottom right corner.
Not bad, right? She does dozens of these kinds of pictures a day. This kid loves to draw, for sure.


mcmCPH said...

these are great!

Cheryl said...

OMG...These had me laughing out loud (perhaps it was the mommy commentary that had me laughing out loud). Totally awesome! I love kid artwork.


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