Sunday, May 09, 2010

My childhood in a box

Last night at dinner, my Dad and I were looking at Sofie's drawings and marvelling at how good she is, as always. Then I remembered that there were a few preschool pictures in the big box of stuff my mom saved from my childhood, so I ran upstairs to dig it out and see if we could find anything to compare.

There wasn't much in there from earlier than kindergarten, but I think this might be a preschool picture:

Based on that I'd definitely say Sofie is a better artist than me. I think I was four when I drew this, and she's already doing much more detailed stuff.

Then we found a lot of other funny stuff. Like this book of ghost stories I put together in something like fourth grade:

What I find funny about this is how seriously I took it. Note that I awarded myself a Newberry Book Award in the lower right corner.

I also included book review blurbs on the back cover and an "About the Author" blurb inside the back cover, with a space for my picture! Ha. Funny stuff:
And inside there were even some referrals to books written by my friend Holly -- along the line of "if you loved this book you'll also like xyz by Holly!" And, of course, illustrations by yours truly.

Then there's this fine piece, entitled "The Numscult King." I believe that's supposed to be numbskull.

Why does he have a little bag of money? Is he trying to hire new wise men?

And apparently I had something for pigs, because here's a picture I drew of the Justice League in pork form:

Subtitle, which I cut off in the scan - "Protecting All Those Who Oink." Batpig, supersow, aquapig, wonderpigwoman, and an unidentified fifth hero. I don't know why a viking is fighting an indian over on the left. Or why his dragon shield seems to be in love with him.

I lovelovelove how my pig wonder woman has a little caption saying "Great Hera!" Hee.

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