Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feet are right, and other tidbits

I love hearing how Sofie interprets lyrics on songs. Her latest one that has me tickled is Bob Marley's One Love, from a Bob Marley for Kids CD we got at the library last week.

You know the song, probably -- "One love, one heart, let's get together and feel all right..."

Yesterday when it began to play on the stereo, she looked at me and said, "Hey, this is the Feet Are Cool, Feet Are Right" song!

One love
One heart
Let's get together

Everyone sing!


Has constipation ever killed a toddler? I'm just asking. Without getting into gory details, let's just say the last month has been all kinds of awful on that front, and she's in so much pain sometimes that I'm beginning to worry about her overall health. We're doing everything we're supposed to and nothing is working. Anyone? Advice?


I'm starting classes next week - Lifespan Psychology and Anatomy and Physiology I. I'm working on prereqs to apply to the Masters in Occupational Therapy program at the University of Washington. API is kind of a scary sounding class. The syllabus says to expect to study about 20 hours a week to keep up with the condensed summer session. Not quite sure how I'm going to dig up that much time, but I'll figure something out. I foresee a summer filled with my getting up at six a.m. to study before Sofie wakes up and reading late into the night.

What's occupational therapy? Here's a good intro, and a more lengthy article.


All this coursework means I'm probably going to shut down Bellflower Textiles relatively soon, or at least put it in vacation mode for a few months. There's just no time to do both, and I especially don't want to get sucked into the fall and winter rush on Etsy while trying to get good grades in some critical prereq classes. So head on over to pick over my remaining stock before we close! I've got makeup rolls, pencil and crayon rolls, a few zip pouches, and lots of coffee sleeves left. It's never too early for a little christmas shopping!



Mikoyan said...

That's a pretty funny interpretation of the song.

Mine is Metallica's Never Free...
I think it sounds like he is saying,
"Never free....Lemonade"

Well, I wish you the best of luck with your classes, shame that you can't do that and Bellflower though.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love anatomy and physiology. Can I be your study buddy? - Robin

MeganZ said...

Hey Robin, of course! :) Cmon over!

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