Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bloggers Block-a-palooza Quilt Along - First Three Blocks

So I've decided to do the Bloggers Block-a-palooza Quilt Along that launched last week. Two blocks a week, each from a different quilt blogger.

Thus far, QuiltDad, Oh Frannson, and Sasikirana Handmade have posted three gorgeous blocks, with the next one due this Thursday.

The official fabric being used is Moda's Sunkissed, but I'm always one to rebel against someone telling me what to do, so I had to pick my own colors. I'm trying to do it in a red/aqua/white/gray/pink colorway, which sounds complicated but will be really pretty, I think.
Most of the fabrics I'm using, plus a few others from my stash.

What's really fun about this is watching the flickr group to see what other people are coming up with. It seems that most people are doing their own thing fabric-wise, and it's really fascinating to see all the different ways the same quilt block can be interpreted through the use of color, shading, and pattern. It's like a quick mini-course in color theory. I have to admit that I'm addicted to watching what people post and am on there at least three times a day, probably more.

My block three, just finished today

I'm also finding that doing a quilt-along is revealing to me some of the deficiencies in my skills. I'd call myself an intermediate quilter at this point - I've been doing it long enough that I'm not at beginner-level anymore, but there are still many things I don't know. I've never made a flying geese block before, and I'm getting comfortable with them really fast since it's been a big feature in two of the three blocks. I'm sure there will be other techniques I don't know.

Block two - this one was actually pretty easy, although I'm kicking myself
for not realizing how directional that polka dot fabric is. I may go
back and turn those three vertical ones around.

 Also, I'm finding some real holes in my skill set. Like, my accuracy when I cut is very hit or miss. I whizzed through the first and second block but had all kinds of trouble with block three because I just wasn't cutting all these pieces that were supposed to be some multiple of an eighth of an inch correctly. I had to make it over again, and did a much better job the second time. This, I think, will be a good process for me, and I'll be a better quilter at the end of it.

Block one - more flying geese!

Anyways, it's  fun process and I can't wait to see what's next!

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