Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More progress

I got quite a ways behind on the quilt-along project last week, with being out of town, and since we got back on Sunday I've been impatiently waiting for my sewing machine to be returned from the shop. They're a week or so behind and I finally had to break down and beg one of my friends to loan me one. I had a customer order that needed to be finished like yesterday, and the prospect of also being four blocks behind on the quilting thing by the end of the week was too daunting too.

So my lovely and talented friend Kate kindly let me borrow her machine, and I got all caught up, on both the customer and the fun sewing project fronts. Whew!  You know what they say... a true friend is someone who loans you a big honking piece of machinery when you really need one. Or something like that.

Here are the things my borrowed machine and I made today:
Customer order - a wedding knife holder with a notebook for recording who used it.
This is a terrible picture because it was gray and pouring rain and this is just one of those items where the colors are impossible to shoot except in sunlight - all these pretty pale aqua blues just wash out in Seattle's dim gray muck. Trust me, it's much prettier than this. :)

And here are the three blocks I was behind on from the quilt-along -- I had them all cut and marked and pinned so it was pretty quick to whiz through them today and get them finished.

Block five - Geesey McNine Patch, by Miss Print. Lots and lots and lots of flying geese in this one. Let me just say, Miss Print's techniques for doing this were freaking awesome, and I learned a ton, but someone please shoot me if I decide to use a directional print like a stripe again in a project like this. None, none, NONE of these "make a bunch of geese at once" techniques take into account people with directional prints! Arg. So that meant that half my geese ended up with vertical stripes in the triangle and half of them ended up horizontal. However, once I put them all in place around the edge of the block, I have to admit it's kind of a cool effect -- all the stripes on the block run in the same direction, regardless of the orientation of the triangle. Hrm.
It's straighter than it looks. It's the camera angle. Really.

 Block Seven: You are Here, by Happy Zombie. This one looked kind of intimidating but wasn't all that hard once I figured out what all the pieces were - since I'm using different colors than the posters are, it sometimes gets a little complicated to make their instructions correspond to my fabrics. But I'm really happy with how this one came out! I'm trying to end up with something really graphic and modern on these and I think it's working.

Block eight - an easy, restful block by Ala Mode:

And, finally, here's a shot of the three quilts I bound and finished at the cabin last week! All of them are tiny - one was a baby quilt for a friend which we delivered on Monday, one is for Brett's office, and the other one is just for fun:


Big Brother said...

I found this knife thing terrifying.
Please consider one of these before someone loses a finger or kidney:


MeganZ said...

Ha, yes. I'm not shipping them the knife thigh, and i'm assuming they'd have one of these! (Plus there's a holdover flap the holds the knife in...)

Does look like a stepford murder kit, though...

franberry said...

I'm falling further behind in the quilt-along due to overscheduled kids this weekend and last. I'm keeping up with the cutting, but not the sewing. Sigh. Good thing you helped me with applique technique for my pinafores, or I'd be waaay too intimidated to try block #8. :-)
I love how bright your blocks look with your color choices.

Big Brother said...

Seriously? "a holdover flap" is perfectly safe. Is it Kevlar ®?

I see a new line in your future for prisoners. What do you get the convict that has everything? A frilly fabric cozy for his painstakingly sharpened toothbrushes.What? it has a holdover flap.

MeganZ said...

You're a funny man, Fran. :) Maybe I'll go into that untapped murder weapon cozy market. Definitely a place I could maybe make it big!

It's for a wedding cake knife, of course. Do they even have points? I think they're rounded.


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