Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Perfection is Overrated

I started this quilt about a year ago. It's a little thing, only about 20x30. I based it on a confetti quilt done by Crazy Mom Quilts and by this tutorial by Lady Harvatine -- but I had such a hard time putting it together that I threw it aside when it was finished and let it rot.

The pattern is called confetti. Basically, you make all of these little pieces of different sizes and then fit them together like a puzzle. This was the difficult part - I couldn't figure out how to set in all these squares of different sizes so I ended up trimming them into rows and it kind of destroyed the pleasing arrangement of colored pieces I'd designed. There ended up being big empty spaces and some colored spots that were too close together, and I just didn't like it. So into a box it went.

 Until yesterday, when I dug it out and just decided to machine applique a few more colored blocks on in the spots where it needed something more to tie it all together. And in the end, I think it looks fine. Not my greatest work ever, and full of oddities if you examine it closely enough -- but my new thinking is that I'm going to quilt whatever quilt tops I finish, regardless.

And I'm glad I did! It's cute. It has personality. Who says all quilts have to be so freaking perfect, anyways? 

Therefore, I present to you, my latest little quilt, entitled "Perfection is Overrated":

I also tried out pebble quilting for the first time on this, as I mentioned yesterday, and was very happy with the results! Pebble is a very forgiving quilting pattern - there's just no way to get yourself trapped in a corner and unable to get back to where you need to go because you can just travel around the circles you've already made. I've never before met a quilting pattern that I couldn't get myself into trouble with, but this was it!

And, I was happy to find a home for my funky, black and white barcode fabric that I used in the binding. I bought it on impulse a few years ago and never found the right place for it until now. Black and white seemed like the right frame for this particular quilt.

Of course, Sofie this morning tried to claim this quilt, as she does all my quilts, but this one time, I told her I was keeping this one. Here it is hanging in my very messy office/studio:


Katie said...

Perfection is relative. It looks pretty darned good to me! :-)

Purple Quilter Queen said...

I like it! It does have personality! Jenn


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