Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jacob's Ladder

Did my grandmother ever imagine her everyday teacups would someday be put into use as pin holders, two generations later? Probably not. But I admit that all three of the sugar bowls that came into my possession as part of her china have been sneaked into use in my office to hold safety pins, bobbins, and other little bits. I like it. Everyday objects should be beautiful and have a history, at least some of the time.
I'm working on the quilt above this weekend -- a Jacob's Ladder, in simple gold and white, about 54x50. I finished the top of this quilt probably four years ago and was, for reasons I can no longer remember, dissatisfied with it and therefore stuffed it away in an "unfinished" bin. There it sat until I pulled it out a few months ago and discovered that I really liked it. And so this week I decided it was time to block it and quilt it.

I'm taking the opportunity to work on my freemotion quilting some more. As with many things, the only way to really get better at the thing is to just do it and do it a lot. On this quilt I decided to try drawing large daisies all over it. I've never done this pattern before but it proved to be a pretty forgiving one, and within a few tries I was getting the hang of it. You can see a few in this picture, although the lighting is poor....

Did I practice on a sample first? Why no. That would be prudent, and I am almost never prudent when I quilt. Quilting, for me, is an activity of instinct and wild abandon. And usually it works out just fine.

I finished the quilting tonight and will be getting the binding on soon. And then it's off to a new home.

More pictures to come when it's finished!

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