Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two Years?

How did we go from here, freshly turned three and just off to the very first day of preschool:

to last night, graduating and saying goodbye to beloved friends and teachers and heading off to kindergarten in just seven days, so very very fast? This may have been the fastest two years ever. Last night we attended her graduation ceremony, and today she went in for one last morning. At the end of the morning I came in and sat on the couch in their classroom, read books to a bunch of kids while Sofie finished her lunch, and then we said goodbye to the teachers and some of the office staff and left. For good.

I cried. Sofie did not. I am a sentimental sap. Sofie is just happy about what comes next, and very, very excited about kindergarten.  Me, I'm hoping I can hold off the waterworks on the first day of school until she is safely deposited in her classroom and I'm out of sight. I don't wanna freak her out.

Here are some pictures from last night's ceremonies...

 Sofie and her best preschool buddy, Sadie, sharing a hug on the playground during the festivities. Sadie graduated at the end of spring but they came back last night to watch Sofie have her turn, which meant a lot to us.

Note Sofie's princess dress, which she wears everywhere, and faithful old Little Phoenix, currently being dragged around on a blue velvet ribbon "leash."

 The preschool class, lined up to wait for the ceremony to begin. Each graduating kid gets a fancy cape to wear and a memory book full of pictures and drawings the other kids have made for them. Sofie is in the back row with her head turned away.
 Sofie receives her cape, and we were all amused when teacher Laura revealed that she'd made a blue one instead of the usual red for our little blue cat girl.
 Pretty roses in her ponytail.
With teacher Laura, who we love so much. Thank you for two wonderful years of helping our little one grow from the kid who sat under tables all morning watching everything but not participating to the little ringleader she's become.

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